Polet's Smoked Bones

      Providing your pooch with pure pleasure!

Polet's Smoked Bones Product Information



Storage: This is an all-natural meat product

  • Keep frozen until used
  • Do NOT store refrigerated or at room temperature in a closed container/bag; mold will develop.  If it does, rinse with warm salt water.


Choosing the right type of bone:  


Will Stain Carpets. Check here for stain removal!


Small Bones

  • Great for small dogs
  • Great for low fat diets
  • Venison(thin and long) Recommended for dogs under 25 lbs.

Medium Bones

  • Great for dogs over 25 lbs
  • Great for cleaning teeth
  • Venison(long bones)  Recommended for dogs under 40 lbs.

Knuckle Bones

  • Messy, but greatest flavor
  • Great for cleaning teeth
  • Dog will chisel bone down to nothing without splintering


  • The ultimate dog toy
  • Great for cleaning teeth
  • The longest lasting bone
Pig Ears
  • Comparable to a dog jerky treat
  • Dog will consume 100%
Pork Rind
  • Belly skin, rolled, smoked, and dried
  • Tougher and more long lasting than pig ear
Beef Trachea
  • Beef windpipe
  • pliable, yet chewy
  • great flavor(for a dog)


Possible Issues

Over the years we have sold over 100,000 pounds of bones and on rare occasions our customers have reported two issues:

  1. Upset stomach. Older dogs and dogs with sensitive stomachs have had upset stomachs because of the richness of the bone.  Control the amount of time your dog has the knuckle or go to a less rich bone.
  2. Bone stuck on lower jaw. Calm or sedate dog and use wire cutters to chip/crack bone off.